About GSMDealers

GSMDealers is a web software for fast, secure and easy management of online unlocking codes via IMEI, file, and server.
Our biggest difference is that we provide real and efficient support with features that do work.
Paypal and other local payments (most of the payment methods with more acceptance in each country)

About APIs

Our app allows you to connect with other apps with higher demand in the market. Likewise, our platform is prepared for them to connect to our system. If you can't link with the provider you need, please inform us and we'll see to make it possible.
Our app allows your clients to access to a hash (API Key). Your clients will be able to set up connections to connect to the APIs of other providers.

About the Platform

In the management panel of the app, you will enable different online shopping methods, through the mostly known local payment methods
We have two ways to do it: 1. at the moment of installing the app, your email data will be asked. 2. from the configuration panel
Yes, you'll be able to set up the preferred currency to allow your clients to make payments
Utility reports, monthly orders and credit (available on your clients‘ end)
Slider, Footer and payments methods modification. Customizable page creations in several languages.