¡Management tools for a high-level unlocker like yourself!


We are more than just an unlocking platform; we are the immediate assistance you need.

As we already know that waiting long hours, days -even months- for an answer to a request is an exhausting endeavor in the GSM industry, we developed the platform GSMDealers .

We are a team of professionals specialized in providing assistance to cell phone unlocking service providers.

Ready to go 24 hours, seven days a week and anywhere you may be, GSMDealers allows you to manage your business efficiently.

We offer all the technical aspects a high-level wholesaler comes to expect and wishes to integrate into business.

Use All Functions

Connect your services with other platforms to reach your niche market faster or implement the functionality your business requires with our API.

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Incidence Management with Ease

Have a ticket-based support system to solve problems that your clients may have with the service. Let your users feel you are committed with troubleshooting.

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Get Access from Any Device

Give your clients an excellent user experience with a 100% responsive platform, adapted to mobile and fixed devices.

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Improve Your Customer Service

With our online chat, provide answers and support just when your client needs it. While you increase efficiency and optimize how you spend your time and your client´s, both of you will be able to accomplish different tasks simultaneously, shortening the waiting period it would usually take to find a solution by answering calls.

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Use Your Own Brand

Offer your services without spending time and money on platform development. Take advantage of a product developed by experts in the field!

Add your own logo & company name –legally- and boost your business:

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Customize Your Business

Give a unique touch to your business! GSMDealers customizable templates are more than a predetermined design: They will enrich the visual aspect of your business, saving you time and money on corporate image development.

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